How important is a home office desk?

Working from home can be difficult. Whether it’s a lack of motivation to get started or you struggle to keep your focus even when you are working, whichever way you look at it, it isn’t easy.

working from home, why a home office desk is important.

Attempting to do work at home can be made even more difficult if there is no space in your house that is designated for you and your work. Without a quiet, private space to work or study the quality of your work may be affected as well as your end results.

Investing in a study desk is a great way to get you studying or working from home and can ultimately ensure that you succeed in your work.

Here are our top reasons why a writing desk is so important for your working from home:

Keeps you organised

Being un-organised effects productivity and efficiency, especially when it comes to meeting deadlines. 

Having a desk to study at is a great way to ensure your books, notepads and stationery can all be kept neatly in one place. No longer will you have to waste time searching for that notebook that you misplaced but are convinced you left on the kitchen table – or was it next to the sofa?
Making sure your workspace is kept organised, and that everything you need is at your fingertips, means you can pick up with your work right from where you left off. With a desk, you will benefit from increased productivity levels, as well as improved time management skills.

Helps improve focus

We’ve all been guilty of spending a day sitting on our sofa, awkwardly balancing our laptop on our knees, attempting to complete whatever task is due next, only to be distracted by whatever day-time TV rerun is on.

Despite it seeming like an easy option, studying in a communal space, such as your kitchen or living room, can be having a negative impact on your work or studies. This is due to these communal spaces often being noisy and full of distractions.

Studying from your own desk, in a quiet space, allows you to settle down and completely focus. Whether you set yourself study time restrictions or you power through until your work is complete, a desk encourages you to create a study area that is productive and will help you see results.

Improves your sleep pattern

Why a home workspace is good for sleep pattern

Without a desk, many people often choose to work from the comfort of their sofa or bed. However, working from these places, rather than a desk, are likely to be impacting your energy levels, as well as your sleep pattern.

It has been proven that working in bed is likely to cause disrupted sleep amongst people, which can even lead to insomnia. The habit of studying in bed, and the stress and anxiety that comes with it, means that shutting off and trying to sleep can be nearly impossible! Using laptops or phones to study, can also have an effect due to the blue light produced from the screens.

To avoid this, and improve your sleep pattern, working at a desk allows you to separate your work and sleep time. Often working at a desk can be more productive and can help ease the stress and anxiety felt when work pressure is too much. With a desk, you can also ensure that your bed is left as a relaxing and peaceful space that will encourage you to sleep, as well as improve the quality of sleep you experience.  

Looks after your health and well-being

Opting to working away from a desk can also have a negative impact on your mental health and well-being. Whether you’re looking for a desk for your child to complete their homework at, or as a writing desk for yourself, investing in a desk for education and work is essential for staying happy and healthy.

Allocating space to study at in your home ensures that you can remain focused on your work so that you are able to set goals, stay organised and succeed in your studies or work

As well as the work itself, it is also important to consider how you will relax and switch off from your study. Having a desk that you can literally step away from is crucial in being able to take an adequate amount of breaks. All of this can enable you to keep your stress levels in check and ensure you are looking after your overall well-being.

Find the right desk for you

The Cazade home desk is a unique design, adjusts from decorative shelves to complete study/work desk.  

This small desk designed with small space living in mind, has wall mounted brackets so can be installed in small areas. They allow users to mount to their desired height, giving good posture. The wall mounted brackets also makes this good to use as a stand up desk. The Cazade home desk also folds away!

Folding reclaimed wood home office desk